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          Dongguan Rainbow Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the production and sales of pigments in original, dyes, additives, and color master batches, which are widely used in plastic, printing ink, paint, coating, textile and leather. The company reserves the rights to import and export, and as an agent sells the world famous pigment products. Now it has a powerful marketing network and in 2006 it stepped into the 100-million yuan sales companies.
          Rainbow Company is one of the members of China Dyestuff Industry Association and ...
          Fluorescent and transparent dyes
          Organic pigments
          Inorganic pigments
          Fluorescent pigments
          Fluorescent Whitening Agent
          Metal and pearlescent pigments
          Special materials and additives
          Black powder and noctilucent pigment
          High-concentration color master batch
          Titanium dioxide
          Address: Fumin Industrial Zone, Fenggang Town, Dongguan   Tel: 86-769-87777113 / 87779115 / 87779116
          Fax: 86-769-87770858   E-mail: dgchpigment@163.com   Guangdong Rainbow Deji Plastic Pigment Co., Ltd.   
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